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    • {{ i18n_first_name }}
    • {{ i18n_last_name }}
    • {{ i18n_full_name }}

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Start your effective search for candidates with djimBA recruitment software!


djimBA is designed to simplify your hiring process and save you valuable time by helping you choose the right candidates, manage your talent pool and strengthen team collaboration. Easily make contact with candidates on LinkedIn and send them messages in one click with a personalized template list.


With the new LinkedIn plugin, you will triple the search and validation of candidates through your ATS / CRM systems, as well as optimize X-Ray and boolean search, as djimBA will highlight the candidates who have already received your offer. Designed with simplicity in mind, you will be all set in less than 5 minutes.


Candidate information is at your fingertips. djimBA enables you to create candidates in one click from their Linkedin and enrich their profiles automatically with their Social Media. Keep track of all data related to the candidates and to the open positions and leverage this information to ease your hiring process.

Download the presentation and learn how to make recruitment and talent management your competitive advantages!

  • reduce search time by means of templates;
  • instant candidate check through the ATS/CRM integration;
  • X-Ray becomes more efficient as search results highlight the candidates that already have your offer;
  • dynamic candidate info integration from different social networks;
  • analysis of the effectiveness of your custom templates.
  • performance statistics to set optimal KPIs;
  • ability to track errors and flaws in the templates of your employees;
  • remote employee performance tracking system;


  • Extended X-Ray helper​
  • Unlimited proposals
  • Unlimited bookmaraks
  • Unlimited comments
  • First and last name translations
  • Fast answers
  • Statistics

djimBA is a fruition of the experience of a recruiting agency that is aimed at creating a positive and effective talent recruitment, specifically in IT industry. For recruiters and lead generators from the bottom of ❤️.

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